6 Ways to Create a More Mindful Space

When we choose to dwell in a space that is thoughtfully arranged, and filled with furniture and objects that we consider meaningful, we subconsciously give ourselves permission to orient more purposeful intentions. Initiating daily tasks, entertaining our loved ones, or just relaxing in an atmosphere that is in alignment with our goals is extremely supportive to more mindful living.

Here are 6 Ways to Create a More Mindful Space


Creating a simple ritual every day in your space will easily set the tone in your surroundings. Lighting incense or palo santo every morning to help consecrate positive energies, is a great way to set your intention for the day. Wondering why designing a morning routine is so important? Click here.


Try pairing an intention with the act of purging when getting rid of excess within your home, to make it more effective. For example, if you decide to take out the garbage, attach an undesirable attribute about your day, or about yourself to this action. This way, you can mentally take your self doubt, excessive worry, or whatever else you are carrying on your shoulders out to the curb, and visually release it as trash before you re-enter your home.


I’m sure you’ve heard all about surrounding yourself with “only the things you use, you love, and that bring you joy,” but I’d like to encourage you to take this a step further. Truly evaluate the deeper meaning of every object you are surrounding yourself with. This should help you distinguish the difference between things of value, and objects that are simply taking up space. Understand that everything has it’s own energetic vibration… and that the deeper, more sentimental meaning behind your possessions can truly impact the energy within your space.


Make the decision to holistically tackle whatever issues you are experiencing by once again, combining action with intention. Organize your home using the mind, body, spirit, space formula. If you are having trouble focusing, make sure all the surfaces in your surroundings are clear. Having counter tops, a coffee table and kitchen table void of visual clutter, allows the mind to rest and enhances lucidity. While clearing off the surfaces, visualize receiving the mental clarity that you need.



Don’t underestimate creating a designated space for every item and every activity. From establishing a place for your keys to hang, or an area to meditate. When you begin to assign an object or an activity a home, life becomes a bit easier. You won’t waste time looking for an item, and you will be able to spend more time doing the activities that you desire.


Start making the connection between your space, and yourself. What ever your fears are in life- it’s guaranteed that they will physically and symbolically start showing up in your space. Fear of living without? Maybe you are stockpiling and hoarding. Fear of failure? Maybe you experience the inability to make a big ticket purchases, or commit to hanging artwork or painting the walls. Fear of change sometimes can reveal itself in a home that is living in the past. Identifying your fears may be an important factor in implementing a plan of action to address the issue. Recognizing your fears is one of the most crucial steps in creating a mindful space where awareness is heightened, and your best self can unfold.