The Top 5 Benefits of "Earthing"

Those who know me well, know that I hardly ever have shoes on. While I used to get yelled at when I was younger for being the child with dirty feet, as I’ve grown- I’ve been able to learn and appreciate the huge benefit to prancing my toes around the house, or being the barefooted park lady.

“When you connect your bare skin to the ground, it’s known as Earthing or Grounding.”


Just think. For thousands of years humans went barefoot all of the time, with their feet standing right on the earth. We surely don’t get this much barefoot Earth time anymore because let’s face it. Shoes are a societal norm, and we’re often so busy we don’t give this a second thought. Think about the last time you walked barefoot on the beach, or spent some time walking through your backyard. Did you feel refreshed?

Did You know?

There is actually a scientific reason behind those calm-good feelings when you dig your toes into the sand. Positive electrons (free radicals) can build up in our bodies causing inflammation, which over time can lead to disease. The earth has a magical way of pulling the positive electrons out of our bodies, and neutralizing the damaging free radicals. In case you didn’t realize- our bodies are extremely electrical. Have you ever had an EKG done? An EKG is literally testing the electrical current running through your heart. Electrical brain waves can also be measured. There are also other scientific devices that are able to measure your bio-field or the electromagnetic field that surrounds the body.

When you connect your bare skin to the ground, it’s known as Earthing or Grounding. Any connection you have to the ground with your bare skin counts. The earth’s electricity can even be conducted through concrete that is on top of the ground, so yay for running down the cul de sac to the mailbox every evening! Walking outside for just a few minutes barefoot helps, but the longer time you are exposed to the earth the more benefit you will receive.

Let’s look at the Top 5 Benefits of Earthing.

Your Immune System depends on a fresh supply of electrons.

These electrons have strong one of the strongest antioxidant effects we have yet to find. This is essential to keeping your body clean and healthy.

Synchronized Biorhythms; including cardiac rhythms and balancing sleep states.

This is good for both your heart balancing back into rhythm and dealing with insomnia.

Lowering Stress

When we Earth, we are lowering our cortisol levels. Cortisol is the stress hormone that causes aging and the storing of abdominal fat.

Minimize “Dirty Electricity”

We are bombarded with wifi signals, smartphone, laptop signals all day long. Earthing helps the body deal with all this electric pollution that has damaging effects on our systems.

More Energy

When we lower our stress hormone, sleep better and reduce our inflammation it allows the body to take that extra energy and use it towards healing your body and repairing the damage.

So how exactly do we Earth?

It’s extremely simply and seriously amazing that we’re able to get these benefits for free! All we have to do is spend some time outside barefoot. Prepare a picnic at the park, walk down a trail or just play around with our kids in the backyard. I hope this information serves you the next time you decide to pull up your chair to the campfire, and place your bare feet on the earth.

Get outside, and enjoy the benefits of earthing today!