9 Tips to Make Your Home Holistic AF

Ahh yesss, the Pinterest worthy Holistic Home complete with a beautiful wide open-space, white walls, and translucent curtains blowing in the billowing breeze. The most serene backdrop as you practice your morning yoga flow and drink some fresh celery juice.

Um, hold the phone.

Although this would truly be a picture perfect day, it’s really not realistic for most of us and I’m here to let you know that’s perfectly okay! You don’t need to live like royalty to achieve the perks of a Holistic & Heart-Centered Home, nor is the wholesome home you’ve recently pinned going to look or feel as good as the holistic home you’re going to create all on your very own. Initiating more awareness within your surroundings is so much easier than you think. In fact, I want to show you just how approachable it actually is so here are my 9 easy tips to start making your home Holistic AF! Whether you decide to implement all 9 of these tips, or just one — I promise you’re going to feel amazing doing it so let’s get started!

Get a Himalayan salt lamp!

These beautiful additions add such a significant warm glow to any room, that it’s almost impossible to not feel relaxed while looking at them. Himalayan salt lamps have the best health benefits making them functional decor for your sacred space. The biggest value that Himalayan salt lamps give us is their ability to emit negative ions. Negative ions neutralize the air and reduce the electromagnetic radiation that comes from electronic devices.

It comes as no surprise that many studies are currently suggesting that too much exposure to electromagnetic radiation can contribute to chronic illnesses, in addition to an array of other negative ailments. Some of which include: fatigue, higher stress responses, and difficulty sleeping. In my own home, I’ve found that the best place to put your salt lamp is in the bedroom, and or living room. Typically this is where most of us tend to store our electronic devises in one way or another. We currently have two Himalayan Salt Lamps in our home that I absolutely adore. My favorite thing about them is that they serve as an excellent reminder for me to stop, breathe, and consider for a moment what I’m putting out into the world. I’ve found that these lamps often act as a visual cue to be mindful by genuinely making me feel calm.

Put a damn plant somewhere, anywhere!


As many of you know, plant consulting is one of the Home Services that I currently offer- so this tip from me may be my best tip yet. Having a plant/ multiple plants in the home is going to be your top of the line idea. Essentially because

green plants = oxygen

clean air = calm.

One of the best benefits of having a pant inside your home is that it serves as your connection to the natural world. Taking care of a plant can be extremely therapeutic to the mind and body. The natural movement and ritual of adding water to soil is truly divine, and brings me so in touch with my intuitive nurture that it’s something I could honestly do all day. Give this one a try- trust me. There’s something really peaceful about tending to an earth-bound thing.

Detox your home cleaning products & replace them with natural ones.

The standard American house cleaner has enough chemicals to make a scientist blush.  These harsh and toxic fumes that reside in traditional cleaners can have a major impact on our overall health.  Not only do sprays and aerosols contaminate the air over time, they also seep into our clothes and skin. When that happens, the toxins can start doing real damage to our endocrine system.

This became really important to me when I became pregnant with my first daughter. Don’t worry! You’re not alone in this… I still have a few toxic household cleaner’s leftover that I’m slowly finding replacements for that maintain the same efficacy. Remember, this isn’t about being perfect; it’s about heightening your awareness, and trying new things that will add the most value and longevity to your life.

While there are many household cleaners that I make myself, I didn’t start out that way. For simple and detoxifying swaps, Here are two brands I trust and value:

Mrs. Meyers
J.R. Watkins

Honor the water element.

As I’ve been diving into the study of Feng Shui, I’m learning a lot about how water represents the flow of life. Having a water element inside of the home can greatly increase your Chi (energy) and remind us of our water nature.  For small spaces that won’t allow a water fountain, you can place a clean bowl of water on a table and dress it up with fresh flower petals, and add a few drops of essential oils.

If your home is anything like mine, this won’t be realistic because you may have fur babies that love to dive into any water in sight. Well you can always opt for a sound clock to bless your home with sounds of nature.

Another option is to display water-like objects in your home like I’ve opted to do. I keep a conch shell in my home at my office area at my desk. No different than listening to nature sounds via sound clock, I put this extra-large sea shell to my ear to hear the ocean, or whenever I want to close my eyes and imagine myself on the beach. It’s been a great service pretty much every time I’m feeling stressed.

Take your TV out of your bedroom.

Listen… I’m not new to the value of a Netflix membership, and I get that binge watching TV at night in your bed can feel sooooo relaxing- so I’m not saying that you have to get rid of the TV, but I’m strongly encouraging it. My reason for urging this is because I’ve had to do the work of unlearning what I spent years teaching my psyche. You see- when we start to associate our bedrooms with anything other than sleep (or sex), we can seriously dilute the importance of this sacred space by programming our subconscious mind to equate the bedroom with distraction. Returning your bedroom back to it's’ state of intention can be an incredible way to enhance the quality of your sleep, and to reprogram your brain to actually feel relaxed and sleepy each time you dive into bed.

Get rid of stuff you no longer need and what’s no longer serving you.

I am a teenager looking to get rid of a lot of clutter and extra things in my room/life. My problem is that my friends think it’s stupid for me to get rid of the excess clothes/stuff that is just sitting around my room. Any tips?
— Email Submission

This is probably the hardest suggestion on this list. Post-pregnancy I am sure I’ll still  be holding on to buckets of clothes that I will literally never wear. All because of the universal concern that “I might someday”. So- if you are in this boat too, I sympathize with you hardcore.  Since this list is not about being perfect or being the most minimalist-person-on-the-planet, you’ll be happy to know that the process of letting things go can be done in gentle, small doses.  There are a few ways to do this.

You can set a timer for 10 minutes and simply note what you’re holding onto.  You can do it in one big swoop, or gradually with a friend and some wine, (both of which can keep you accountable).  You can also take the clothes that you don’t wear from your dresser and put them in a giveaway bag that you hang onto for the next week. Think of it as a buffer period to take back anything you actually really truly desperately need. Let’s be honest though, you probably don’t need it.

One trick I read about when it comes to sorting through clothes is to face the clothes you do wear a certain way on a hanger.  Over time you’ll see that a small portion of your clothes hangers are pointing in one direction and the rest will show you what you don’t actually wear.

Sage, Incense, Essential Oils

I personally love them all.  When I’m in need of connecting in a more meaningful way to my home, body, and earth, I find that burning Incense can ground me into my space. A stick or cone burns for about 30-60 minutes, which is just enough time to immerse oneself in a self-care practice like meditation, gratitude journaling, or any other mindful practice.

I also enjoy burning Palo Santo when I’m cleaning, as it reminds me that I’m purifying the space and calling in what I want for myself. Essential oil diffusers are another really lovely way of creating a hint of a natural scent in the air that is soothing and/or revitalizing.  Try Using sweet orange, rosemary oil, eucalyptus, and lavender oils (not all at once) to create a really pleasant aroma. Plus, different oils evoke a unique emotion/vibe to your sacred space.

Create an altar/shrine.

Your mind may have just imagined some kind of mystical or magical space where feathers are collected and placed next to crystals. If so, congratulations! That is a great idea for an altar! While creating that type of altar is not something I have done myself, the point is to create a space that honors your spiritual practice, self-care practice, or acts as a reminder of gratitude.

To be clear- your alter does not, and should not in anyway look like my altar.  Maybe you’ve decided to use a small wooden table that houses pictures of your family, or meaningful gifts you’ve been given from others. Whatever you decide- create a space that reminds you of all of the beautiful things in your life and everything that you’re grateful for.

Positive affirmation the heck out of your home.

This one might seem kind of strange since we normally think about positive affirmations as something we say to ourselves to enhance self-esteem. What is a positive affirmation? For some people, they’re nothing more than silly new-age mumbo jumbo, but for other people they’re amazing reminders to be kind and loving toward the self.

I’m kind of in the middle.

I don’t think we should be using them as a way to avoid uncomfortable feelings, but I do subscribe to the idea of adding them to our lives as a conscious decision to be self-compassionate and/or express gratitude.

So, how do they impact the home? Shifting your mindset around your home can be a great way to make changes that inspire relaxation and comfort. If your home is is the last place you want to be, you might want to consider how you’re relating to it.

Some positive affirmations could be:

  • My home is my serenity.

  • I have everything I need here.

  • My home is comfortable safe and secure.

  • I am grateful to have my home.

  • My home grounds me.

  • I look forward to being at my home.

I hope these tips aid as a chance to consider the various ways you can nourish and take care of the sacred space that continues to shelter you!